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If you are seeing this page, it is likely because you have been asked to submit a story or poem to this magazine, or because you have found it via The Grinder.

Speculatief is a new Dutch-language online magazine that will be publishing triannually. It will be focused on bringing as many of the major award-winning short stories from the global SFF market to the Dutch-language audience.

The Dutch audience is currently extremely small, if not non-existent. Speculatief has no intention of turning any profit and is a labor of love to spread the word about all the great stuff happening in current-day SFF. It’s fully financed by the publisher. However, we still very much believe in artists getting paid.

We are offering $0.01 per word, up to $25 a story. Also consider the following:

  • It’s always a reprint, and you are only selling the Dutch rights (which… let’s be honest, are mostly worthless anyway)
  • It requires very little work on your end, only sending your existing story– we’ll translate it to Dutch and publish that version in our magazine, as well as recording an audio version of it.
  • You will, of course, retain all English rights
  • You also get full rights to the translated text
  • You potentially play a big role in introducing SFF to Dutch-speaking people!
  • Have Dutch friends who’d like to read your stories? Now they’ll know where to look!

If you are at all interested in contributing to this magazine, please visit our submissions page for more info.

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